XRH Alien Full Face

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This helmet has a concaved molded front at the chin for reduced lift and a top air dam for extra downward gravity force ,this technology when riding makes this helmet resistant to lifting and vibration for more comfort at high speed
  • Multi vented
  • 2 high top front vents forcing airflow to exit rear vents creating internal vacum for xtra cooling
  • 1 forehead vent for forced air intake for xtra comfort
  • Multi chin vent with 2 settings,
  • 1 for face directing forced airflow to the rear bottom vents
  • 1 totally dedicated for the visor no fogging
  • Comfortable quick absorb soft padded v-lush material
  • D ring buckle
  • High impact eps liner
  • Detachable chin wind guard fitted
  • Interchangleable anti scratch poly carbonate visor with multi positioning
  • Xsmall-xxlarge
  • Certified by sai global 5 ticks