Full Face Multifunction Helmet

H.A.R.D. Fullface Multifunction

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This helmet has multiple functions,
1. Fullface helmet with clear shield and optional peak,can remove peak and can remove the chin guard
2. Open face helmet with optional peak
This is the latest in inovation from our new factory,this helmet has the the best vision for the rider by far from any helmet in the market place,as a fullface helmet the chin guard has been reduced in hieght to give the rider more vision, when wearing this helmet you no longer have to tilt your head down to check your speedo as now with the lower profiled chin guard your vision and line of sight has been increased by more than 60%,this new design also enables the rider to see the road at the front wheel without having to tilt your head down .This new design auctually makes you feel like you are not wearing a fullface helmet, as now you have so much more uniterupted vision,
And then if you want you can detach the chin guard and turn your fullface helmet in to a openface with a visor
This helmet will change your ride totally ,the engineers who designed this helmet have spent many months developing the new design with the riders safety coming first